Steel Blossom Moon - Ep 9

Two Shades of Green

6 months ago

The Party encounters a grisly scene brought on by horrors from the Shadowlands and meets a new companion.

Featuring @micchisaurus as Kaito Rei - Phoenix Clan @lilypadnebula as Doji Sayaka - Crane Clan @xrainxghostx as Soshi Kuroyuki - Scorpion Clan @soulibon as Moto Muunokohi - Unicorn Clan @MsMisery as Toritaka Aoshi - Falcon Clan @ThrockPlays as ST - All the Clans

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Intro/Outro Music --Adrian Von Ziegler -IsanIn game Music -- Maati Paalanen -Mountain pass -Cherry Blossom -Hidden Dragon -Tea Ceremony -Guzheng -Zen Garden

--Derek Fiechter -Cherry Blossoms -Imperial Dynasty -Lotus Pool -Samurai Warrior

--Antti Martikainen -Eternal Saga -The Forbidden City (Remaster) -Xian (Remaster)

--TeknoAxe -Martial Arts on a Mountain -The Final Battle Begins

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